Range of E-Bike Accessories Troxus Offer

Range of E-Bike Accessories Troxus Offer

Troxus mobility is the one-stop solution for all your e-bike and related stuff. By bringing you quality products, Troxus ensures the supply of auxiliary products that further enhances the functionality of the e-bikes further.

In the world today, accessories are an equally important subject to working on multi-dimensional aspects. These are good for security, mounting phones, use as a wallet, and more.

If you are hunting for valuable accessories for your e-bike, keep reading. This blog post unveils the most useful accessories that help you in case productivity and help you tackle security and other matters wisely.

Range of E-Bike Accessories by Troxus

Following are a few notable products.

ROCKBROS Super Length Password Cable Chain Lock

The cable chain lock is a fantastic accessory by Troxus mobility. Troxus not only provides you with the best e-bikes but also provides products to ensure safety and efficacy.

It is a sturdy lock made with high-quality material, which is small and portable. It can be easily carried around without burdening yourself. Being safe and reliable, it is hard to unlock by others.

ROCKBROS Top Tube Phone Bento

The 2-in-1 phone bento is another handy accessory by Troxus that ensures convenience. It provides full-on protection to your mobile phone. Mount it on your e-bike and cover your phone in the best possible way, as it is made of a water-resistant, tough material.

Other than a phone case, you can also use it as a wallet.

ROCKBROS Strong Holder Smartphone Bike Mount

The 360 degrees rotatable PVC bike mount is one of the most useful accessories offered by Troxus. It is used for mounting phones on the e-bike without worrying about carrying it around. Since carrying phones has become mandatory, accessories like phone mounts have become equally important.

Troxus E-Charger

The additional e-chargers by Troxus are worth it. These chargers save you if your charger is a lot or out of order. You can keep an additional charger at home or work to save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

Troxus LCD Display

The display takes the main lead in transportation these days. A vivid display is becoming mandatory to display essential parameters. The Troxus LCD E-bike display serves in more than one way. You can use it to run e-bike conversions. It also displays the remaining battery, current, average, and maximum speed beside other parameters like trip distances and more.

Explorer Tail Light

This is the best accessory to optimize productivity while ensuring safety. Troxus is committed to ensuring the safety of its products and accessories. This accessory is suitable for e-bike commuting in environments with low lights.

Increasing visibility is the main goal that the explorer tail light incorporates. The super bright tail light, made of lightweight, water-resistant material, is the perfect accessory if you have an explorer inside you.

Explore lengths using this wonderful accessory by Troxus.


It is pleasant to know how Troxus caters to customers' needs at every possible level. Besides the leading products, the e-bikes and the accessories are top-notch. A massive range of accessories ensures the provision of different services. Each accessory is incredibly built with specific use to help the rider. These include locks, phone mounts, LCDs, e-chargers, and more.