Naipo Neck And Shoulder Massager With Deep Shiatsu Kneading

Naipo Neck And Shoulder Massager With Deep Shiatsu Kneading

Neck and or back issues seem to be a common thing anymore.    Going out for a massage isn’t always feasible with our busy lives either. The Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager with Deep Shiatsu Kneading Technology and Adjustable Intensity might just be what you need!

The extra cool thing about this massager is that if you like to get it on sale you can use this coupon code:  Jason801  for 25% off, making this massager just  $43.49. Or get the Naipo Cordless Shoulder Massager with Heat and Shiatsu Kneading Massage Neck Back for Car, Home, and Travel Use for just $59.99 after coupon code: 32120OFF.

Depending on which model you decide on The Naipo Massager is so convenient and very easy to use.  You can sit in the comfort of your living room.  The unit is rechargeable and contains lithium batteries that cannot be replaced.  You will want to make sure you do not store it in a damp area, or use in the bathtub, jacuzzi or anywhere else that moisture or wetness can occur.

Another advantage is because it is cordless you can move to another location without having to unplug and take a cord with you.  Also, you do not have to worry about your pet or child tripping on it. I also love that you can take it with you in the car because it has a car adapter.

So if you are at a family gathering and feel like you pulled something you can use your massager and if it needs charging you can charge it on your way home.  Long trips in the car normally are where I run into an issue.  Recently my husband took me to Ohio to meet a friend and it was 7 hours in the car one way.  I know when he got home he was more than ready to get his massage on with the Naipo Massager.

Don’t forget right now you can save on both models with the coupon codes above on Amazon.

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