5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Stainless Steel Cup Over Other Cups

by Zane

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a stainless steel cup over a plastic, a glass or even an aluminium cup. Although the aforementioned may look flashy and catchy to the eyes, there is more to cups than mere looks.

Here’s a quick one. Did you know that a stainless steel cup contains hygienic and antibacterial properties, but others do not? I bet you never knew.

Why you should choose a stainless steel cup over other cups

Here are the 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Stainless Steel Cup Over the Other Cups.

Free from Toxic Materials

Stainless steel which is widely used in the food and beverage industry is the safest material to hold your drinks. As opposed to plastic, ceramic and aluminium cups, it is free from zinc, lead, BPA as well as other toxic materials that could cause health hazards. Also, interior coatings and inner linings which eventually disintegrate and decay over time, are not found in a stainless steel cup.

Well known for its hygienic and antibacterial properties, a stainless steel cup is no doubt better than the others.

Long Lasting

A stainless steel cup has long-lasting properties which enable it to last for years, even decades. An aluminium cup may be tough, but it’s not resistant to corrosion and leaks. Glass and ceramic cups show up with glamour, but they are fragile. Plastic cups could easily crack and melt when exposed to heat.

A stainless steel cup could survive heat, it’s not corrosive, it doesn’t leak, and it’s unbreakable. In short, it surpasses them all.

Retains Temperature

Temperature retention is one of the numerous properties a stainless steel cup comes with. A stainless steel cup is ideal for hot and cold liquids because you could store hot liquid and come back hours later to still find it as hot as you left it. The same thing applies to cold liquids. This serves for travelling purposes and it’s great for outdoor activities.


There’s a saying that things of high quality tend to be more expensive. But, in this case, we might want to doubt that saying because a stainless steel cup is a product of high quality and it’s still very affordable.

Resistant to Stains

A stainless steel cup is easy to clean and maintain. It is non-porous and this makes it resistant to stains. Other cups are susceptible to stains and as a result, require more effort to clean. But, with not much than a cold or hot water rinse, the leftovers in a stainless cup are drained.

Just as the name implies, a stainless steel cup stains less!


A stainless steel cup is free from toxic materials which can cause health problems, it’s long-lasting which saves you the cost of buying another when one breaks, it’s resistant to stains, it retains temperature. In addition to all these, it’s also very affordable and that means, with little cash, you still get the best. So, you can see that there’s every reason why you should choose a stainless steel cup over other cups. It beats them all!

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